FIFA is about to make it’s 5th operational tour of stadiums

The 2018 edition of the FIFA World Cup is 1 year and 4 months away from kicking off but before this date even arrives, there are a number of things that have to be settled and completed.

One of the most important things is the condition of the stadiums.

When the previous 2014 FIFA World Cup was edging nearer and nearer, there were stadium deadlines that weren’t met as Brazil was having a variety of issues. There were a number of workers that actually died when renovating a stadium while others were complaining about the extended work hours and minimal pay that they were receiving when working in completing a stadium as soon as possible.

All of these were just a few of the problems that emerged during the previous 2014 FIFA World Cup when Brazil was hosting the event. Continue reading “FIFA is about to make it’s 5th operational tour of stadiums”

Russia to increase budget

Russian authorities have indicated that the budget for the organization of the 2018 World Cup has increased by $325 million.

This comes as a surprise as the authorities previously announced that they would be looking for ways to cut down on expenses related to the organization of the World Cup.

The total expenditures on the organization of the World Cup now amount to $10.8bn and will all be coming out of government spending.

It was previously believed that the Russian authorities were looking for ways to cut down on their expenses. They said that they will reduce the number of premium hotels and that they will also be looking to save money on various infrastructures.

However, it now appears that the government has agreed to the injection of some $325 million in the organization of the new World Cup. There have been no clarification on where the money will be spent.

It is believed that the money will be spent on the construction or uplifting of Russian stadiums to host the World Cup games. Indeed the Russian venues are quite old and are often in a desolate state. Continue reading “Russia to increase budget”


January is the month football world will know what FIFA’s plans are for future World Cups.

Current President Gianni Ifantino rode to the hot seat on the back of numerous promises to the 211 member nations; one of which was to increase the number of World Cup participants from 32 to 40.

For whatever reason, the Italian proposed an outright increase to 48 in October last year. As expected, many groups are calling for his head promising to do anything possible to take the president away from his fantasy dream with the Rummenigge-led European Clubs Association being at the forefront.

Well incase they’ve forgotten, decisions like this – just like the American Presidential polls – are never based on popularity votes, instead, delegates run the show and that’s where opposing factions will do well to focus. Even at that, Infatino’s closer proximity with these decision makers only serve to make the rope more twisted.

At the risk of it not sounding as though the whole world is against – because they’re not – citizens of low ranked countries will obviously endorse the president’s proposal and should any of the delegates hail from there he or she is most likely going to go with the background voice of his or her country man. Continue reading “INFANTINO’S DICEY BONE”

Gianni Infantino wants World Cup to be longer

It is believed to be supporting the proposal of making World Cup a longer tournament with 16 more teams taking part in it than before.

However even if that proposal gets a green signal by FIFA, it’s only going to come into effect 10 years later i.e. from the tournament of 2026 as it has already been decided that the next two tournaments, the ones of 2018 and 2022, are going to follow the present format only.

As per the present format, there is straightaway a pre-quarter final round after the group round, but, the format that has been put on the table proposes another knockout round to be included ahead of the pre quarter final round and that is the Round of 32.

But, this one extra round will not increase the no. of matches that a particular team has to play. Currently, the teams which make it to the title round play 7 matches and in the new format too, the teams reaching the title round will be playing 7 matches only because they will have to play one game lesser in the group round. Continue reading “Gianni Infantino wants World Cup to be longer”