Cristiano Ronaldo Was Benched in World Cup 2022 Due to Political Ban


Cristiano Ronaldo’s career takes a big turn since the time Erik ten Hag joined Man United. The Portuguese player was the top goal scorer of Manchester United in the previous season but he found himself on the bench. Ronaldo tried forcing his way out of the club. However, he didn’t find any suitors during the summer transfer window. With the progress of the season, things just got worse. The Red Devils suspended him for leaving the sidelines in the match against Tottenham before the match ended. His contract was terminated for giving a controversial interview with Piers Morgan.

Fans from across the world expected Ronaldo to come to a comeback to the national team during the World Cup 2022. However, it turned out to be just the opposite. Ronaldo began with a penalty spot but failed badly throughout World Cup 2022. Just like Manchester United, he was benched during the tournament’s knockout stage.

Portugal lost the match against Morocco and Cristiano Ronaldo crashed out of the World Cup. Many supporters and fans since the match have offered their support to the Portuguese forward. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish President is a new addition to the list. Erdogan hasn’t only supported Ronaldo but has taken an additional step to term the entire scenario as a political ban.

At the time of their youth even in the eastern Erzurum province, he said that they have just wasted Ronaldo. Unfortunately, a political ban has been imposed on him. Sending a footballer, such as Ronaldo to the pitch with only 30 minutes remaining spoiled his psychology and ruined his energy. After the World Cup has ended, the Portuguese superstar is yet to be hired by any club. This is something that he might witness for the first time in his career.

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