With the Euro 2020 moved to 2021 and the Tokyo Olympics moved to 2021 as well, there were certain calls to move the World Cup from 2022 by a year as well. However, as at press time FIFA was yet to give such announcement.

Corona Virus has pretty much disrupted major plans for 2020 and already impacting the year after. There are concerns the leagues that need to be completed would have a different timeline, then the next league season, the 2021 plans being made which might impact 2022 in a number of ways including funding and availability.

A lot of nations are on lockdown, with stimulus plans announced by governments to serve as a buffer. The next World Cup in Qatar remains scheduled for November-December 2022, with FIFA likely expecting plans to naturally sort itself before then.

As it stands now in best scenario analysis, by August the pandemic is winding down worldwide, with fewer new waves, then the current football leagues would be seen out. There would be a short break before the start of the new season. The World Cup qualifiers would extend up to early 2021. Then there is the issue of the UEFA Nations Cup. Due to the delay to start the next term, it would impact timelines for next year, plus the Champions League and other events. There is Euro 2020 set for next summer and then the Olympics too.

All these would impact how the 2021/2022 season would play out, ahead of the World Cup planned towards the year end. It’s a spiral that can only be resolved by compromise, shorter breaks and sacrifice.


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