Qatar Going Big with Gold Stadium for 2022

There may still be a lot of uncertainty with regards to the 2022 World Cup, but Qatar are going all out with regard to the competition. The nation is spending a huge sum of money in order to improve the stadium and other infrastructures. Unsurprisingly in a rich country, the biggest spending is being carried out with regard to the stadiums. The pinnacle of the event could be a brand new stadium, which is still being constructed in the Lusail City, which is situated to the north of Doha. This will be a80,000-seat stadium, which will be build to reflect one of the highlights of this nation – gold.

Apart from hosting the first and the last match of the World Cup 2022, this stadium will also be used as a place for all cultural activities in the city. The stadium is expected to cost in upwards of $1.5 billion. This marks a significant investment and Qatar are planning to spend an incredible $6.5 billion just in terms of the stadium and the training facilities. The World Cup will being in November 2022 and it will conclude by December. The Lusail Stadium is expected to be ready by the year 2020. Qatar is building seven stadiums in total at this massive cost.

On the very same land as the home of our nation’s founder, it sits at the heart of a brand-new city. It’s a city for the future, and once the World Cup is over, it will form a crucial part of the legacy of the tournament as it transforms to become the heart of a brand-new community.” After the games, the stadium will morph into a community space that will include schools, shops, cafés, sports facilities, and health clinics,” said an official in charge of the cultural activities in the region.

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