Russia to increase budget

Russian authorities have indicated that the budget for the organization of the 2018 World Cup has increased by $325 million.

This comes as a surprise as the authorities previously announced that they would be looking for ways to cut down on expenses related to the organization of the World Cup.

The total expenditures on the organization of the World Cup now amount to $10.8bn and will all be coming out of government spending.

It was previously believed that the Russian authorities were looking for ways to cut down on their expenses. They said that they will reduce the number of premium hotels and that they will also be looking to save money on various infrastructures.

However, it now appears that the government has agreed to the injection of some $325 million in the organization of the new World Cup. There have been no clarification on where the money will be spent.

It is believed that the money will be spent on the construction or uplifting of Russian stadiums to host the World Cup games. Indeed the Russian venues are quite old and are often in a desolate state.

With Russia wanting to organize one of the best World Cup it is becoming increasingly important for them to upgrade their facilities. And with only one year left they do not have a lot of time left on their hands.

Russia will also have to consider the security aspect for the World Cup 2018. Russia is renowned for their hooligan problems and with nations such as England that may qualify for the upcoming World Cup, this can become a major issue for the security.

The organizing committee has stated that there will be no problem for the organization of the 2018 World Cup and that they have already taken measures to ensure the security of fans during the World Cup.

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